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"Bullsh*t! You Can't Make Money in 4 Minutes!(That's What I Used To Think, Too...)
JUST ANNOUNCED: 7 Day Trial - Only $4.95
From: Harris Fellman and Brian KosobuckiDate: Wednesday, June 03, 2009
Dear Skeptical Cash Seeker,

In a world where everyone is being pulled in 37 different directions per minute ... adult onset A.D.D. on the rise ... nearly impossible to focus on any *one* thing for more than 10 minutes at a time, what's a person with greater aspirations to do?
How the heck are we supposed to pay off our debt, pay that increasing mortage payment, save for a vaction, or heaven forbid -- "Keep up with the Jones" anymore?!?
What we need is a way to take advantage of this channel-flipping, internet-surfing, Youtube-watching mentality. I mean, instead fighting our natural desire to 'flip' from one thing to another; why not HARNESS it?
Making money online isn't rocket science.
But here's the exact problem.
"Gurus" try to make it rocket science. They try to talk over your head and explain these extremely intricate strategies and tactics. Do you wanna know why?
Because they know that if you feel like their product didn't work for you because it was "too advanced" that you won't ASK FOR A REFUND.
I'm sorry, but ‘that' is a scam. They make you feel like YOU did something wrong "but you received great information, so it was money well spent."
Have you felt that feeling before?
Yeah, me too.
You see - you're told to build this business following their information "step-by-step" and I'm not saying it doesn't work, but I've been in that exact position…
I spent $997 here, $1997 there - and each one of those courses promised me "fast money"… they must have forgot to mention that "fast" to them meant staying up for hours on end, late nights away from my family, and then ‘poof' 6 months later my business is almost set up.
Well I didn't have 6 months to build a business and then wait for it to slowly make money. I needed money and I needed it fast - my credit cards were late, my adjustable rate mortgage was on the rise, and I have a family of 4 that needs a lot of food, clothes, and other simple things to survive.

If you can afford to spend 6 months building a business and then slowly letting it build up from there, then let me save you the trouble… this isn't for you.
This is for the person who doesn't have much time on their hands and is looking to start bringing in money right away – and squeeze it into their busy schedule, too! Interested?

I don't want to waste your time because I know you have a million other things going on - and, well, every few minutes you spend on this page is time away from actually implementing the money makers you'll get instant access to. So…

Here is exactly what ‘4 Minute Money' is:
Simply put, "4 Minute Money Makers" are extremely simple and surprisingly easy tasks that you put in place in a matter of minutes that bring in small amounts of money…
One may bring in a few hundred dollars here, a couple hundred more… and then others can bring in thousands (I'll show you exactly how I get the thousand dollar paydays below - it's not hard).

This is NOT about building a business in the normal sense - I mean, you "can" and that's what I've done - but this is far more powerful for the person just looking to pay off their credit card, get out of debt, pay their mortgage, or bring their family on a nice vacation.
That's where the power in this is.
You don't sit around for 6 months hoping and praying that this is going to work - you find out INSTANTLY.

Just like any other venture, we've all had ones that don't succeed - but with "4 Minute Money" you will find out which ones make money and which ones don't instantly.
Let me ask you this…
Can you spend a few hours on this within the next 7 days?
Let me rephrase that…

If I show you exactly what to do, can you spend a few hours doing EXACTLY that over the next 7 days and implement what I tell you to?
Within a few hours of implementing the "4 Minute Money Makers" most people can set up 10 or so (takes a little time for people to crank out their first ones because you're learning as you go, but the more you do the faster it gets).
Now that you have these 10 ‘money makers' in place, lets be extremely conservative and say that 9 of them fail..

"Wait! What??? You mean your product doesn't work 100% of the time?!?!"
Great question. No, my success rate with these is about 85%. For every 10 that I create, between 8 and 9 work - it took me a few months to get the hang of things and get up to 8 out of 10 making me money, but I'll show you everything I had to learn.
But back on track…
So, on the completely conservative side, 9 of your money makers FAIL that took you about a two hours to set up.

And that one that worked only brings in $100. Nothing really exciting there.
But you spend another few hours and create 10 more - this time 3 of them work and bring in a few hundred dollars.

Are you starting to see the simplicity here?
You do that over and over and over again.
And sometimes you'll hit the thousand dollar money makers like the ones I'll show you proof of below.

The idea of "4 Minute Money" is to start small with very little time and build it up from there. Before you know it you've got a few thousand extra coming in each month…
Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part - I'm going to show you how to make nearly ALL of this residual so you "set and forget" it once and it keeps paying you over and over again. That's how you build this up into a six figure a year income if you want to.
Are you starting to get the idea now? How nice would it be if you had literally dozens of these money making projects paying you cash each and every month?
Yeah I know. It sounds too simple, right? Listen, don't be fooled by simplicity. Gravity is a pretty simple concept but it took till 1687 for Sir Isaac Newton to be bonked on the head with it and write it down.

Seriously, almost anyone can master the techniques in 4 Minute Money Makers, even some of the most experienced marketers on the internet are blown away by some of the ideas in this program.
You can literally base an entire business around a single part of this system, so don't make the mistake of equating simplicity to something that won't work. There's some very simple, very powerful stuff up ahead.
While you can certainly treat these 5 guides as individual business endeavors of their own; the real power comes when you learn the techniques well enough that you can start to combine them for better results. The old notion of synergy comes to mind here.
I want you to focus on 1 type of 4 Minute Money Maker, master it, and add in another. It's not a matter of $100 + $100 = $200 ... when you start combining the money makers, multipliers begin to come into play.
Just take a look at some of the proof:
This is a single month of recurring affiliate commission from a simple method that took only a couple minutes to do.

While other 4 Minute Money Makers might bring in a few of thousand a month.

$7k+ on one time payments mainly using techniques found in the Guide #4 & #5 combined.

And some times you'll get a "Knock-it-Out-Of-The-Park" Home Run

Over $25,000 in sales from a simple trick from Guide #1.It all started with just a few PPC dollars
Enough of that, here‘s exactly what you‘re going to get IMMEDIATELY once you take the 7 day trial...
Each of the five guides included in the 4 Minute Money Makers system contain some broad ideas that then divest into other precise areas that you can turn into a small (or even large!) operation all by themselves so be sure to read each guide in its entirety even if at first it doesn't jump out at you.
Here's what you're getting:
4MM Guide #1 - "Give People Money & Get Paid to Do It"
4MM Guide #2 - "Total Reciprocity – Get Paid to Ask for Nothing"
4MM Guide #3 - "The Automaton System: Robots Making You Money"
4MM Guide #4 - "The Insider's Guide to Instantly Getting Your Own Free Labor, Products, and Money"
4MM Guide #5 - "4 Minute Traffic Tactics"
4MM Reading Instructions
It's not necessary to read these in any particular order. Again, all of the guides play off of each other – yet they all contain 100% Money-Making-Models in their own right.
Below are summaries of each one so you can choose which one you want to start with. Some are easier than others but all of them are designed to be mastered by just about anyone.
But remember what I mentioned earlier... the real power comes when you read them all and begin to understand how to use all of these tactics together. But it's totally probable that you'll read one guide, implement a few 4 Minute Money Makers, and be making money before you complete the second.
Okay, without further delay, here's the overviews:
Introduction to 4 Minute MoneyConsider this the Bible of 4 Minute Money Making. Inside this guide you're going to learn the core philosophy behind all of my amazing secrets, the trials and frustrations that he encountered along the way while learning how to build his empire in 4 minutes at a time.

Plus 5 revealing guides (one would never be enough to reveal all of the secrets I have perfected) that explain in couldn't-be-simpler language:

Give People Money & Get Paid to Do It
Yes, the title of these guides are designed to put your head a little bit on tilt. I were originally going to call this "The Secret Guide to Coupon Marketing" - but if I did, you'd come in with all sorts of pre-conceived notions. So, grab your scissors and...wait. Just kidding. It's not THAT kind of coupon. I'm talking about Online Coupons here.
Don't know what I'm talkin' about here? Okay -- Ever notice those tiny little boxes on some e-commerce websites that say: "enter promo code?" Maybe you're one of the many who've actually searched out a promo code or two when they're about to purchase a particular product online.
Just pop into google and search for the website name, the product you're about to buy, along with "promo code" ... or "instant online rebate" ... or "coupon". And *BOOM* an online coupon appears and the searcher gets an instant savings. I mean, who wouldn't want to save 10% on that new TV or even get a $15.00 discount on that new outfit just by doing a quick search??
What most people don't realize is that some enterprising internet marketer (like, me!) is making loads of cash each time someone uses a code like that... without that person even being convinced to buy anything. How easy is that?
You read that correctly. Every time an online coupon is used, some smart affiliate is getting a chunk of the profits. Coupon Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make some cash because you're not trying to 'convince' someone to buy something. You're just giving them a discount on something that they ALREADY decided to buy! I mean, it's like they're standing in line at the checkout and you walk up and say...."Hey, you wanna save 10%?", no strings attached, and when they use your coupon, YOU get paid.
Granted, this is a twist on affiliate marketing, you're getting them to click on your affiliate link in return for saving them some money... but it's really a no-brainer and it happens all the time. Not only that, it's one of the few marketing techniques that has insanely high click through rates as compared to normal internet marketing. On a normal sales page you have to dedicate a lot of time trying to spur the person reading into action. It's not uncommon to have as small as a 1% conversion rate. But with coupon marketing, it's a pretty easy sale giving someone a fast discount... So, a 25% to 50% conversion rate is not out of the question if you target your market correctly. (Which you'll learn all about in Guide #1).
Not only that, with this technique, you're really in the 'good Karma zone' you can feel perfectly fine about making some cash off your own grandma. I mean, if granny wants to save $10 bucks on that new sweater she's been eyeing and you happen to have a coupon for it, I bet she'd plant a big ol' wet one right on ya while she was giving you your cut of the loot.
Plus, you can pretty much give out coupons like there's no tomorrow and not live in fear that you'll be accused of something with a negative connotation, like spamming. You're truly helping others! (It's okay to be in it for the money, too – don't worry.)
Additionally, almost nobody out there knows that there's a way to actually make money by using coupon marketing. Even though at some point or another, almost everyone has used one at some point. Pretty powerful, huh?
The 4 Minute Money Guide "Give People Money & Get Paid to Do It" shows you how to easily set up a website or a free blog, how to target specific keywords (with either organic or PPC advertising) how to source the actual coupons, where to find your customers and a whole lot more.
The beauty of this trick is that once you get it set up, you can almost just walk away. Autopilot baby. Maintenance can be done in as little as... (wait for it...) 4 minutes a month, and sometimes less than that.
If you know anything at all about affiliate marketing, this guide alone is going to really shock you. If you don't, then read the whole guide and start knocking out these coupon sites right away!

Total Reciprocity - Get Paid to Ask for Nothing
You probably hear it all the time (especially if you work in the online world): "Content is King!" And for the most part, I agree. But, there's another aspect that gets overlooked all the time. Providing a useful service to others. If content is king, then SERVICE IS QUEEN (and we all know who's really in charge, right?) It can be as simple as helping out a potential customer with a purchasing decision... and this concept can also run far deeper.
Anything that you can actively do to help visitors pick out products with your affiliate link, via your website, e-mail or even the phone, is going to pay you dividends. They're going to thank you for your services while bringing in the dough for you from their purchases. And yes, there's a way to do this in a relatively automated fashion.
I call it "Service Marketing" and it can be as simple and almost invisible as offering a short 'how to' article about a particular product. Service Marketing can also encompass things such as electronic searches that automatically compare products, toll free numbers that people can call to get more information, viral e-books or even just a simple contact e-mail that allows you to offer your free services through. Whether you're a newcomer or seasoned veteran, you're going to take something away from this guide.
The 4 Minute Money guide on "Total Reciprocity – Get Paid to Ask for Nothing" is going to open your eyes to a plethora of niches that you can dominate and just like the previous guide, even make you feel good in the process as you help people out. (It can be our little secret that you're also making a bunch of cash in the process.)

Impressed at how easy it is to make money

-John LiCausi , MarketingKombat.com

The Automaton System Robots Making You Money
This is potentially the most powerful 4 Minute Money Maker... and the one that has the most chance to be abused. It's not about setting up a 90 day auto-responder series or spamming people in anyway.
You'll learn how to sneak past trigger happy spam accusers who are just hunting for their next prey to pounce on. Get your ads listed in free classified sites without the worry of being shut down due to any sort of wrong-doing.
To put it simply: You'll be setting up little auto-reply robots to do the selling for you. Inside the guide, I call it "Auto-Reply Marketing", but don't get confused by the name. It's simple to do, easy to implement, and makes you money.
Not to mention, learn how to use this simple to implement trick on your own website to get red-hot lists of prospects mailing you directly for more information all while your auto-reply robot is pointing them right to your affiliate link and bringing in the cash.

The Insider's Guide to Instantly Getting Your Own Free Labor, Products, and Money
Getting paid for doing nothing. How good does that sound? But that's exactly what happens when you outsource. You give others work to do while retaining the ability to make a profit from the work itself. You can't get much better than that.
Just like the big companies who routinely outsource their work to others - everything from website design, to writing, to programming and customer support - you can do it too in a way that won't break the bank.
Fact is, you don't need thousands of dollars a day to be able to outsource your workload. Not only that, sometimes outsourcing is a necessary part of growing your business and taking it to the next level.
"The Insider's Guide to Instantly Getting Your Own Free Labor, Products, and Money" is going to show you Outsourcing Secrets with several different ways in which you won't even have to pay a single penny upfront and still get quality products to sell. And if your product totally flops, you won't owe a single dime. Now, that's some serious insurance!
In this guide there are actual secrets... some of them the 'big guys' don't want you to know. While others, the 'big guys' don't even know themselves!
The guide contains a wide variety of outsourcing techniques including how to get almost any project you can imagine set up for no cost. One of the most powerful is how you can take your newfound outsourcing skills to the offline community and make money there as well. (Notice, I said 'offline community' – not 'offshore'. I'm talking about using these skills to make money in the offline world as well.)
Having the extra money to actually hire some workers is never a bad thing, but in this guide you're going to learn about not only cheap alternatives, but some free ones as well. There are even ways to set up an entire outsourcing business in virtually no time at all and then setting it to run almost entirely by itself. Once you have a good outsourcing setup, you can truly make thousands per month on complete autopilot.
Even if you've never considered outsourcing before you're wasting valuable time and money if you don't read this guide and implement its strategies.

4 Minute Traffic Tactics
Face it. Every website needs traffic. This is a fact of life in the 21st century. The "4 Minute Traffic Tactics" guide contains several tricks, not only to get traffic to your sites... but to get extremely targeted traffic. In fact, sometimes I jump over the concept of 'getting traffic', right into 'getting customers' instead.
These tactics are so powerful you may be tempted to use some of these techniques as a stand-alone project. (And you can if you want to.) Most of the tactics can be incorporated into your existing online business if you've got one; and all them can be used with all of the other 4 Minute Money Makers you decide to use from the rest of the system.
It's true that there are a lot of traffic guides out there. Most of them talk a good game about how to get loads of traffic from Adwords; what keywords work for SEO and how to get them ranked; how to get bunches of free web 2.0 traffic and all kind of other stuff.
Ya know what? Almost all of those methods are difficult, take a whole lot of time, or really aren't all that effective. Especially for the average person just starting out. As with everything else in this system -- 4 Minute Money only focuses on methods of traffic generation that are incredibly quick, and pay off BIG time in not only the short term... but the long term as well.
You're going to learn how to get ranked #1 for keywords that will bring in money that take little to no effort on your part. (I know, I know....too good to be true...but when you read the guide it's going to become clear that it's really not THAT hard.) Not only that, you're going to get some SEO and blogging tricks that will literally skyrocket your rankings. PLUS, we'll show you how to track down customers who are actively searching for exactly what you're offering and practically steal them from other sites that are already ranked for the very keywords you're trying to get ranked for!
Unconventional? Yer darn tootin'!. But, you'd be a complete fool if you didn't read this guide cover to cover. In fact, if you're only one guide – this is the one. Its usefulness extends to any online business you have... or will ever have for that matter. Best of all, each of these tactics is insanely easy and lucrative, just like the 4 Minute Money creed stipulates.
In The 4 Minute Money Guides, You Will Discover...
How to have even the most sophisticated projects created for you... for free How to use robot like automation to bring in autopilot income (believe me, it's not what you think) How to be an internet middleman... and rake in profits while other people do all the work How to make ridiculous profits... without ever asking anyone to pay you a single penny How to use "unconventional" traffic tactics to steal traffic from the search engines... even if you hate SEO! A series of step-by-step videos that explain in detail exactly how to get started... there's even hope for non-techies! But I didn't stop there.

"I still can't believe how simple it is!"
Hi Brian,
A quick line while waiting for a flight home from Bristol Airport. Guess what! Just found out I made two sales in the last 24 hours. A total of $60,51. But wait, there is more (lol)! I had a conversion of 100%. Two clicks, two sales! I can't wait to see what happens in the next 24 hours. I'll be expanding this system rapidly.
Wanna thank you again. Not just for explaining the method (I still can't believe how simple it is!) but also for the support and pointing me into the right direction.
BTW: you can use this as a testimonial if you wish but only if you promises to take your secret of the market. Let's keep it for ourselves
- Carl W.

But Wait! It Gets Even Better...
Sure, with the 4MM Guides alone, it's super easy for you to set up 'money makers' left and right bringing you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. But I've taken it a step further by providing you with some really mind-bendingly simple software that I like to call...
4 Minute Automation Software
I've taken this totally to the next level now! As part of the VIP Club, you'll have access to some of the very best money-making software the industry has seen. In a nutshell, I have tons of little pieces of software to make your 4 Minute Money lifestyle even easier. (And I'm adding new ones all the time!)

Here's that brief overview of the cooler software:
Customer Finder #1: Get daily notifications of potential customers/leads from a site where thousands of people are constantly asking questions about EVERYTHING. Customer Finder #2: Get daily notifications of potential customers/leads from a very highly trafficked classified site by city and category. Affiliate Link Stuffer: Not just onto webpages now -- this is a brand new, never-before-seen ability to stuff separate links right into submit buttons. Keyword Tracker: To track which keywords are making you money in the search engines and ppc (this is HUGE -- similar software sells for hundreds of dollars alone). Auto-Reply Tool: Use it in a sneaky (but legit) way to get past the anti-advertisment filters on many sites. Plus - all this software too: A Link Cloaker, 2 Special Keyword Generator Tools, A Coupon Finder, and yes, even more!

You see, I know exactly how frustrating it can be to have a great idea, work your butt off for months and months to get it all together and make it happen only to stumble at the very end and have it all go down the drain.
So when it came down to 4 Minute Money Makers there was no way I was going to you out in the cold with no support. That's why everyone who grabs the 4 Minute Money Guides also gets complete access to the 4MM VIP Club that comes loaded with every resource you'll need to ensure success with the 4 Minute Money Makers. It's kind of like a 'membership site' but not one like you've ever seen before... take a look:
"The 4 Minute Success Club"

Access to the exact automation software that I use to systemize my business... the exact "keys to the kingdom" for my 4 minute methods. A members-only Support area where all your questions are personally answered. An exclusive co-op blog network where you get a high page rank and automatic traffic... even if you don't know how to set up a free blog! Endless access to freelancers... you post a project that you need completed, and we'll dig up a proven (but inexpensive) freelancer for the job. Effortless step-by-step video tutorials... so that you have no more confusion about how to install this and use that... And the best part of all of it is that it's completely
Idiot-Proof !
Look, I'm proof that you can have a great lifestyle working in Internet Marketing, and it doesn't take a lifetime. For some it takes years. I have been doing it for LESS time with no prior experience and look where he is today!
"Probably never seen (these tactics) before"
Brian's products are second to none as is his customer service. Brian makes his money by actually using the methods in his books unlike many of the guru's out there who simply make money promoting the latest guru offerings and selling $97 ebooks.
His materials are easily some of the best out there... especially if you want something unique that you have probably never seen before.
Very high recommendation.
-Mark Dickenson

It wasn't too long ago that I was buying all those so called "newbie" products that talk about time-consuming things like building lots of backlinks, pinging blogs, submitting articles to directories, etc...
Not only that, since I have actually been doing this stuff for a while now I know from firsthand knowledge, it's usually not nearly as simple as the other guys try and make you believe it is..
But the 4 Minute Money makers are a different animal all together. And since it's literally 'falling off a barstool" simple I'm going to offer you...
Looking For a Guarantee?
This guarantee is worded differently than most. I've tried as much as possible to NOT make promises on this page. I know the information in this course will make you money. In fact, our primary goal on this page was to open your eyes to a new way of thinking in a way that would make most actual marketing products look like old re-hashed information. And in a lot of cases, it does...
In other words, I'm selling my personal blueprint, and as much as possible we're trying not to package it as "HOPE".
So here's where I stand: In business and in real life, there ARE no guarantees - period. Buying this blueprint will not make you rich - even though using it might...
Also, you need to understand that successful people don't get to where they are by leeching off of others or whining and kicking until they get their way. Instead, they take responsibility for their actions, learn from their mistakes, leverage the power of other people's experience and persist until they reach their goals.
It's the same with investing in education.
Now, I can't really say "No Refunds" with a straight face - because you probably don't even know me, and you'd rather avoid risk whenever possible, and so would I. The more surveys I do, the more I learn that there's alot of distrust out there. (Much of it warranted, some of it not). If you buy this blueprint and it doesn't help you or live up to what's presented here on this page, then we'll honor your refund request - of course...
In fact, you have a full 8 weeks (56 days) to use this blueprint, risk-free.
But What I CAN Say is This:
If the deciding factor for your purchase is the fact that you can get a refund if it doesn't somehow magically "make you rich" - then please don't purchase this blueprint.
Because if that's the case, you're not investing in your self and you're not investing in your business - you're simply looking for a quick-fix to a problem that has much deeper roots than what this product aims to solve...

So What's The Bottom Line?
I'm not going to bore you here with all that junk about how much time I have put in to make sure everything is perfect. blah blah blah. If you've read this letter this far then you KNOW the value of this package focusing at you like a beam of sunlight on a cloudy day.
I'm not going to throw in a bunch of bonuses like everyone else does right now either because "We don't need no stinkin' bonuses". I've put everything into the guides. This entire course is so jam-packed and complete that there is no need to entice you further. If the idea of making money in 4 minute increments doesn't excite you, check your pulse.
I wish you wouldn't sell the ebook at all to the public
Wow. Brian,
I've just started reading this and it's brilliant.
I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before. In some ways, I wish you wouldn't sell the ebook at all to the public.
- Martin Kulp

So the 'Real' Bottom line is this.
It's difficult to compare any of the 4 Minute Money Guides to anything else out there because these new money making methods have never been taught before. You see, each guide teaches a different way to make money - but together, the 5 guides are even more powerful.
So, let's say you compared any *one* of the guides to one of the other guides out there - Adwords Blackbook sold for $197; Day Job Killer which sold for $97; Butterfly Manuscript was $97 ... lets just take one of these guides. Each one taught a new method of money making.
But I'm giving you 5 different guides. 4 different money making methods & 1 revolutionary traffic guide (you've seen 'traffic guides' for $100-$200 as well) On top of the 5 guides you also get 8 different exclusive online tools that make your 4 minute money lives even easier.
So, I could easily charge $97 to $197 for each individual guide plus another couple hundred for the automation tools ($697 or more). Brian has actually sold the information from Guide #1, for $497 at seminars in the past. However, I thought it made sense to make the entire 4 Minute Money course affordable for anyone getting started. I did this because I realise that these guides contain such simple money making methods, alot of people just getting started are going to want to join.
So, instead of charging $697 or even $597, we'll most likely charge in the neighborhood of $497 after the current introductory period. However, I decided to come out of the gate with a 40% price cut. From $497 (which would still be a pretty remarkable deal considering the nature of this revolutionary material on the inside.)
That’s right I decided to let everything go, the complete training course, the entire membership into the 4 Minute VIP Club… the whole shebang for the insanely low price of..only $297! Still not good enough??? Okay, the final price for this entire package is now just $197!

JUST ANNOUNCED -- 7 Day Trial Offer -- $4.95
I've been deluged with questions of people asking us exactly what 4 Minute Money is -- and the people that actually see the information inside with all the software that comes with it are straight up *blown away* by the simplicity of it all.
So, for the people out there that are unsure - or just don't believe it - I've just announced a special trial offer. Now, this is available for for just a limited time. That's right, a 7 day trial of the complete package for just
I've shared with you just a "fraction" of what the product is all about. So, right now you need to ask yourself right "is even one thing that I seen here alone worth a measly $4.95" to me?"
If it is, then don't miss out on this...
What it ultimately comes down to is this:
Would you rather pay $2,000 for a huge full-blown course that can get you making money six months from now?
Would you rather spend $4.95 RIGHT NOW and start implementing a few money makers here and there...
Remember, the power in this is it's simplicity... everyone can follow it - there's no marketing, no business strategy, no SEO, or anything like that.
Picture this...
Imagine spending a few minutes putting together a 4 minute money maker that brings in a few hundred dollars...
Then adding another that brings in a little more...
Then another that brings in a thousand...
In a short period of time you can have the money to pay your credit bill or pay your mortgage.
That's what this is about...
It's not spend a fortune now and wait months before you see a return.
It's about starting small with relatively ZERO RISK (you'll see what I mean once you get started... it's insanely easy and our blueprints take you by the hand showing you exactly what to do)...
The question really is:
Is investing $4.95 right now into something that you will see almost immediate returns on for you?
Or are you more the type that loves making life far more challenging than it needs to be by spending $2k or more on a huge course that probably sits on your desk and never gets implemented?
If you're the latter, please don't buy this course because I want people that are actually going to USE 4 minute money makers to change their life...
I'm not interested in your money if you're not going to use it.
You get the entire course right now and will have immediate access to the training AND the software...

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